Dustin Tigner
GameLit & LitRPG Author

This is Webnovie, the webnovel framework. It is a combination of code and design to make it easier for authors to release their stories to their readers.

Think of this as a first step in a long series of trial-and-error, of trying to get it right. I want to build toward a future where authors are truly independent and free to creativily pursue their imaginations and share those creations on their terms.

You can explore my fiction below entirely for free. If you like my stuff, consider making a donation or sharing it. You may also join my newsletter to get updates on newly released content.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my fiction and on Webnovie, so reach out! author@dustintigner.com. I cannot grow as a writer or developer without your pure, unfiltered honesty.

Thanks for being here!


Catch'em! cover image

BETA - This is Catch'em!, a MonLit story—monster trainer type game—mixed with chess and auto-chess. I'm releasing it—incomplete—for beta readers to help me decide if it's a story worth completing. If you're interested in being a beta reader, please read the introduction for more information.

The Pink Knight & Daughter Princess

The Pink Knight & Daughter Princess cover image

GAMELIT - This is a short story set in my main world before the events of Catch'em!. It's the earliest look at what is happening on Earth during a time where people are escaping to the stars. The focus of this story is less about elements you'd typically find in a GameLit story, though I hope it's a good read, nonetheless. Enjoy!

A Shadow in the Darkness

A Shadow in the Darkness cover image

POST APOCALYPSE - It is the end of humanity—the end of a species. Death stalks the darkness in this tale of survival and hope, of pursuing the last known haven against all the odds. But does it actually exist? Could there be other survivors, or are they the last?